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Looking for kind hearts to bring a smile to the faces of 170 kids studying in Mahalakotuwa Sri Sumana Vidyalaya, a rural school in Matale District. The kids usually WALK 5-6 Km to come to the school. As per the principal, most of the kids do not wear shoes due to the lack of financial support and also due to the difficulty in walking. There is only one bus that goes through the village. All of these make their lives much difficult than what most of us had. Lets do our best possible to make sure that they have a much better life within those school buildings when they walk to school in the year 2017.

  • 65%Funded
  • $325Pledged
  • Campaignis finished

Our Kids School Transport
I was picking up my daughter from school when I witnessed something that really shook me up. There was this ‘school transport’ driver (an elderly person) basically manhandling a little girl (about my daughters age – 8) into the van apparently he was in a hurry. The little girl was hurt, I noticed her […]

  • 0%Funded
  • $0Pledged
  • Campaignis finished

Phase 1 of a community relocation project. This initial step of the project is about survival.
Voice Foundation – Voice for the Voiceless.

  • 2%Funded
  • $50Pledged
  • Campaignis finished

The Flooding condition in Sri Lanka is severely affected to our class mate, friend Sankalpa Nadeeshan. His house was flooded, and all the belonging were gone with water. Now He left the house with nothing, and we may want to give our hand to get back his routine life.

  • 54%Funded
  • $405Pledged
  • Campaignis finished

Let’s join hands to help those affected by the floods in Sri Lanka!

  • 12%Funded
  • $2,970Pledged
  • Campaignis finished

This is my first run and would like to raise 500 in aid of the cancer institute!

  • 0%Funded
  • $0Pledged
  • Campaignis finished

Concert in aid of children’s charities in its 27th year requires donations

  • 0%Funded
  • $0Pledged
  • Campaignis finished

By jury


Appeal for Donations for a Buddhist Temple in Connecticut, USA.
“He, who donates living facility, gives everything” – Lord Buddha

  • 0%Funded
  • $130Pledged
  • Campaignis finished

this campaign was setup to help a friend, and fellow mom who left us too soon

  • 118%Funded
  • $1,770Pledged
  • Campaignis finished

Many children with abnormal features; developmental delay; abnormal behaviour including autism spectrum disorders; mental retardation and various other forms of birth defects and disabilities need to have a genetic test to determine the cause of their illness. 2-4% of all children born in a country every year has these problems and need genetic testing. This […]

  • 0%Funded
  • $110Pledged
  • Campaignis finished

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