Phase 1 of a community relocation project. This initial step of the project is about survival.
Voice Foundation – Voice for the Voiceless.

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Let’s join hands to help those affected by the floods in Sri Lanka!

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This is my first run and would like to raise 500 in aid of the cancer institute!

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Appeal for Donations for a Buddhist Temple in Connecticut, USA.
“He, who donates living facility, gives everything” – Lord Buddha

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Many children with abnormal features; developmental delay; abnormal behaviour including autism spectrum disorders; mental retardation and various other forms of birth defects and disabilities need to have a genetic test to determine the cause of their illness. 2-4% of all children born in a country every year has these problems and need genetic testing. This […]

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Narada Savana(Hear) Foundation trains Deaf & Hard of Hearing children through Language and speech. This enables them to enter regular schools and study along with their hearing peers. As a non-profit organization, We are now facing a challenge to buy several equipment which we need for our preschool, as what we have is not enough to cater to the increasing number of children. Our supplies are currently in danger due to improper storing and natural reasons. Your generous donations will help us to provide educated and skilled children to our community.

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Please help us bring our Angel home…

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