When students study they bump into small problems.

It can be simply being stuck with a past paper question or forgetting a simple theory.

Questions like

“How do you balance this reaction between magnesium and ammonia. Can you please help me? [-3Mg + 2NH3 = Mg3N2 + 3H2]”

Questions like

“What is the difference between speed and velocity?”

Not like

“Can you teach me Organic chemistry”

All they need is a small push to move forward.

At help.lk we connect these students with a tutor within 5 mins.

Let's Start

Our students are dependent on you!

It’s a pretty simple process. Register on app.help.lk as a tutor,

  1. Do the self-certification quizzes,
  2. Mark your schedule, & you’re good to go. When a student needs help, you will get an SMS.

There are no limitations on the number of certification quizzes you can take.

A payment offered as compensation for answering questions will be a flat-rate of Rs 50 per session. (We’re planing to bring more opportunities in the future)

We want to make sure our learning environment to be the highest quality where credible and experienced tutors can cover all questions that students may ask.

Because of this, tutoring is only available for university students or tutors with higher qualifications.